Saturday, August 16, 2008

Girls on Film: Kay Bergdahl (The Oscar)

Earlier this spring, my mom urged me to come downstairs and watch this cheesy '60s B-movie on digital cable called The Oscar. It's a classic rise-and-fall in Hollywood kind of story that's a lot of fun but definitely not amazing-- unless you count the endlessly lovely Elke Sommer's role...

The movie's main character, Frankie, sees my girl sitting pretty at a party. She's obviously the hottest chick in the room. He walks up to her and basically starts hitting on her. Endlessly classy, Kay (Sommer) steps on his offer flatly-- and she does it well. Look at this beautiful piece of dialogue here and you'll see what a badass she is.

Kay: You're wasting your time. I'm not the kind of woman who uses sex as a release or, or even as a weapon.
Frankie: You always talk like that?
Kay: I try.
Frankie: Then do me a favor, will ya? Try droppin' it with me, I'm not that smart. You free-thinkers confuse me.
Kay: Let me put it this way-- I think I have more to offer than just my body.
Frankie: [mocking] Now I understand.
Kay: I am the end result of everything I've ever learned, all I ever hope to be and all the experiences I've ever had.
Frankie: How many experiences have you had?
Kay: None. But when the right time comes I'll be special for some man. So it's worth waiting for.

Obviously, this is not a soliloquoy by any means, but it's astonishing to see this hot chick who wouldn't even have to try to be a seductress is a virgin. This girl, of course, was the equivalent of a real lady, smokin' enough to know she doesn't need to give away the goodies just yet.

Of course, Kay doesn't stay a virgin in the movie (these are spoilers, but the movie is missable apart from her)-- but staying true to her ladylike self. She ends up marrying Frankie, and in the movie's hottest scene, when the douchebag is freaking out about his career, Kay shows up in some really hot lingerie and writhes about on the bed, cooing for him to come to her. This is a show that in spite of Kay's lack of sex partners, she sure as hell doesn't lack a libido. Sexually, she's a live wire to whomever's lucky enough to get her. The woman is brimming with hotness as she slinks about in the bedroom, and it's a moment even the straightest girls ever would get super-confused. Dumbly enough, Frankie refuses her.

Despite the imminent shit that's going to go down in a Hollywood disaster movie, Sommer is stunning as Kay. Her outfits are the epitome of '60s femme chic, and totally sexy but always classy, of course.

So yeah, your husband has totally snapped. But think about it, honey-- why else would he be? With untouchable beauty like this, there's no need to question why...


Erika said...

WOW! That's actually a really cool sounding movie! Was it made for TV? And the fact that she was a virgin seems like it should be apropos for the time, but it's still surprising since she is, like you said, so super hot and seductive! Throwback to original elegance!

PS Thanks for all the movie suggestions! I should probably have seen Beyond the Valley of the Dolls by now but I got so into all of Jacqueline Susann's books that I never saw any of the movies they made from them. I'm totally gonna go rent it now though! :)

lolitahazed said...

It's a lot, a lot of fun to watch! It's like super-crazy fame-induced turmoil. This main guy is always beating women and somehow, because he almost knifed a guy, people are all, "Hey, you could be an actor!" It's intense. I don't think that it was made for TV because Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett were in it. Tony Bennett was intense, too, but I wanted him to sing.
Yeah, it's true, being a virgin was different back then, but I guess I'm so used to otherwise that I was totally shocked by this lady's gangsta! OMG, no, she's so great. She has an awesome German accent, too. I want to be a real woman like her when I grow up!

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls is totally different than the Jacqueline Susann book. It's the same idea, but moreso a parody-- three young girls in an awesome rock band decide to move to LA and indulge in an absolutely insane rock-'n-roll lifestyle. A certain man in this movie is based upon a certain murderous music mogul of the '60s, and of course, BYOP's "The Kelly Affair" is all about this gem! It's Russ Meyer, so you can expect a bounty of boobs, booze and blunts. And violence sometimes. GREAT one-liners, too!

MACK said...

In response to your last post:

I read a lot, right now I'm knee-deep into Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand (she's one of my favorites!). I'm not finished but it's excellent so far, and I def. would recommend it. I also recommend Anthem, by Ayn Rand also: I've read it about 3 times and it's one of my absolute favorites.

Read Atlas Shrugged though, theres a movie version set to be released some time in '09 I believe. Then we can all discuss how horrible it will inevitably be. The book is always always always better, yes?

MACK said...

OH, and if you're into short stories, a good one thats been on my mind latley is The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. It's not a novel but, it's a really great look inside of the way women have been treated in the past, and serves as a great insight towards the debate on whether insanity is a prison, or in fact an escape. I totally recommend it. Let's form an online book club! =)

Valentina said...

OMG, NO ALEX NO! NO AYN RAND!! Please don't say you're an Ayn Rand fan, that's totally one of my friend warning signs. Like if someone says that Paul was their favorite Beatle or they think Jim Carrey is really funny. No I say!

But I agree, let's form an online book club.

lolitahazed said...

I'm writing down all of these :-) Thanks to all of you guys for some bomb suggestions! I'm gonna be in severe overhaul when it comes to that library card. Damn.
I would really love a book club, no lies at all! Each one of us could pick a different one. I'd really be interested in what all the ladies have to read!

Erika said...

Oooh! A book club! Like Oprah! Just as long as we don't read Ayn Rand...Atlas Shrugged was on my senior year reading list and I crossed right through it immediamente! I would love an online book club so much! It would give me an excuse to start a new blog just for our book club!

MACK said...

Valentina! No! Why don't you like Ayn Rand, she had a brilliant mind. Is it her theories on Objectivism that you oppose, or her actual writing (even though her theories are woven throughout her fiction). Discuss! We must discuss! Plus I don't want to be written off as a friend Muy depressing. Have you read Anthem? It's so great -- even if you (Erika) weren't a fan of Atlas Shrugged (though I'm more than satisfied so far), Anthem is amazing -- especially if you value your independence and basically your rights to you. Please, Please, Please trust me at least with Anthem!

But yeah, let's get a list of books going, and pick one and get it started.

Valentina said...
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Valentina said...

Aww, I wouldn't count you off as a friend just for liking Ayn Rand. Personally, I've dislike both her philosophy and her style of writing, which I find very difficult to read. I did read Anthem though, and I will admit, that's probably her best work. Well it's my favorite anyways. So I totally agree with you there.

lolitahazed said...

I like the extra blog idea! We could start a new one and all join the network like people do instead of sharing one e-mail address, you know?
I think that'd be totally bomb. We could also do some kind of elimination thing that could determine who gets to pick the book for each period mabes?

Erika said...

Yeah! It could be some kind of cool literary themed elimination! Someone get on that, because I didn't have any really good ideas, but I'd love to start a blog where we just talk about amazing books. It would probably be set up like a chat room or something and look kinda like a Twitter page?


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