Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So. Ladies. Get this.

I have this gift card from Christmas that's Discover, and so far I've only found two fun places where I can use it: Amazon and Karmaloop. Today I was thinking, "I'm going to go look at Karmaloop and see if they have anything fun."
I did.


This is the most beautiful thing I've seen all day. Missbehave + Karmaloop = SHOPPINGZ?
'Tis my favorite equation. What will they be selling us?! I can only assume it will be beautiful, and I will want it all.

Also, we can infer from the picture above that Santogold, who was in the Star Search for Issue #3 (which is finally in my reach, WOO!), will make a hot cover girl. And from being able to read the really tiny headline of "Hot Fall Trends" I can only assume it will be the next issue. It looks really hot! I'm beyond stoked for all of this. I think I forget how much I love Missbehave.

So in the words of Young MC, don't just stand there-- bust a move (and get yourself on the mailing list to be alerted for the Missbehave + Karmaloop Pop-Up Shop right here)!

You're welcome, and I love you, too (is the comma before "too" unnecessary? I was always told to leave commas before "too").
Y Your Friendly Neighborhood Missbehave Addict
P.S. Valentina, we miss you. If we were really Escape to Witch Mountain-esque twins, I could figure out where you where with my mind. But I can't. So come back.


Erika said...

Like ohmyfuckinggawd this sounds so epic. I just went and signed up for the newsletter! I'm totally gonna blow the AmEx card I got for my birthday on this! Screw college textbooks! Clothing clothing clothing!


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