Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weird things I've done / considered doing

Say what you want about Knocked Up's morals-- I had a lot of fun with that movie, and what definitely became one of my favorite parts was when Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen were getting super drunk. They played this super-catchy song, "Swing" by Savage. Over the months since then, I guess this song has gotten semi-popular?

Anyway, my sister and I were totally weirded out when we saw THIS (blown-up for your viewing pleasure) on the website of Cain's Ballroom, perhaps Tulsa's most popular concert venue:
It almost makes me feel a little sad. There is a feeling of pity. Here is what else I'm feeling about it:

  1. It feels like an inside joke I don't get.
  2. This poor kid has done so little that we have to be reminded, hence "SWING!" being right below his name. No one really knows who the hell this dude is otherwise, and even if they know the song, they will probably be a wee bit confused.
  3. The gig is $2. This is exactly how much I'd pay to hear "Swing" live.

This almost feels like a really sad trailer for how this guy's life is going to pan out. When you have one song in one movie and are thus relegated to playing "Two-Dolla Holla"s in towns like mine, I'd take a moment to stop and think.
The one song this guy does have is pretty damn infectious though. It's a booty jam.

I'm considering going.
I probably won't. I am not sure I care enough.

P.S. As I may have told you, for some reason, my little town has really been seeming to reel some great acts (for the first time in three years!) in for these next few upcoming months. So far, I've added Ratatat, Beck and MGMT to my concert agenda for September, but it looks like the fun won't end there! In October, the fantastic neo-psychedelia band The Black Angels are coming! This is definitely something else to get excited for!
For those unacquainted with The Black Angels, please don't hesitate to give these talented boys a listen. Their music is sexy, passionate, trippy and overall wonderfully mind-blowing. If it helps, The Brian Jonestown Massacre's Anton Newcombe is a big fan! Give them a listen to my current favorite from their recent release Directions to See a Ghost at the bottom of the post!

"Black Grease", my first Angels track, is also really, really hot. It's wonderfully sleazy music to get stoned and make out to at a wild party. Give their video a watch!

Download: Savage "Swing"
Download: The Black Angels "Doves"


Erika said...

Awww, that is kinda sad. Maybe he needs a mention in some indie blockbuster movie to get his career going a la The Shins in Garden State, perhaps? Oh well. It's still a good song whether he gets mad famous from it or not.

Valentina said...

Haha, back when K-fed's album came out me and my friends totally joked about going to one of his shows and pretending to be diehard fans just to freak people out. We couldn't do it though, the music was obviously too painful to even pretend to like.

However, I like that this post is about a dude named "Savage" and the post under it is called "Sunshine". It's like you're paying subtle unconscious tribute to me! Thanks girl!

lolitahazed said...

Dude, it seriously is a mad good song. I forced my friends to listen to it all throughout summer '07. Total booty-shaker.

MAN, V, good spotting! That is some ridiculous coincidence. I guess I've just got you on the brain, don't I? ;-)


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