Thursday, August 7, 2008

May Valentina and I present: The Best Idea Ever. ASSEMBLE!

So Valentina and I are Facebook besties now and after maybe only two wall postings (because we're quick like that), Valentina just got the GREATEST IDEA EVER.

Ladies of The Peach Pit, let's be superheroines. "Like the Justice League, but better."
Um, was I not right about this being the best idea ever? We've all gotta give some huge props to that creative mastermind Valentina.
But-- first things first, I have to get acquainted with more Peach Pit ladies! Valentina and Erika have quickly become my favorite people so now I have to get to know you all-- Alex? Jtalk? Bite Size Labella? Pussie Galore? Jessica? Friendship is a pre-requisite. Obviously Erika would be the ring-leader, because she's pretty much the life coach we all share.
But anyways, obviously our blog-names would be our superhero names-- you know, unless anyone has a problem with that. Superpowers usually come pretty easily from those-- for instance, I've decided I'll be irresistible kinda like my lady Poison Ivy, but in the creepy pre-pubescent Lolita way, of course. There are some really cute ideas for the Savage Sunshine and The Disco personas we had as well-- but of course, make yourself heard! Who do YOU want to be? It's up to you!
Other things to ponder:
  • Costumes? (I'll be going for a Sue Lyon in Lolita look, obvi, heart-shaped glasses included)
  • Our origins?
  • Male counterparts? (Joseph Gordon-Levitt for me)
  • Ideas for villains? (I've got a funny idea for two of them, but I'm waiting to see what you guys come up with!)
  • Anything else I maybe forgot? I'm too lazy to get back on Facebook and see.
Comment on your thoughts below!
And like Uncle Ben said, with great power comes great responsibility-- but you knew that, right?
Spread the word to your fellow Peach Pit lady! Cuz, you know... I'm not sure if all of them read this or not.


Erika said...

Wait...I don't have Facebook. Only myspace. This is mostly due to the fact that I want to talk to ABSO no one I went to high school with and getting on Facebook would put me in contact with ALL OF THEM.

I'm still totes into the idea! I'll put a post up on the Disco directing everyone over here so they can read all about it!

Valentina said...

YAY!! Our facebook brilliance is coming to fruition! I want my costume to be kinda like how I dress in real life, but better! Wait, I'll do a picture post on my blog...later.

I always knew I was a creative mastermind. Always.

lolitahazed said...

Erika... shame. You should get a Facebook, with a pseudonym that only we would know! No one would dare mess with you.

Don't you dress kinda hippie-ish? SO perfect if Andrew's gonna be your comic man. Ooh! You should dress the way you do, but totally have fire-skin!
I wish I could hire Shane Glines, who makes awesome girly superhero art (he did Gotham Girls, which is amazing and our comic should so look like that), to do a comic, but I'm not rich... yet.

Maybe someday. Tears.


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