Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Breaking News of Alison Lewis / My Mooka Kinney Eulogy

So remember how super bittersweetly sad we were after hearing Mooka Kinney jumped ship? Well, the happiness, of course, was from the news of Rachel Antonoff's release of a solo line. It was super awesome news, but I was wondering what was going on with fellow MK founder Alison Lewis. Well, it looks like she'll be starting a new line called "Lewis". No lookbook has been issued yet, but I'm sure it will be lovely, and I'm excited to see developments on both of these girls' projects. [Refinery 29]

Excited as I am, it's been a bad summer for our loved ones, hasn't it? Break-ups for Mooka Kinney, be your own PET; death for such soulful dudes as Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes-- who's next? Just let me know. Save me the sadness.
I feel as if I haven't properly mourned this brand I adore so much. It was so perfectly Lolita Hazed with its babydoll pin-up charm that I'm not sure I'll be able to find a replacement soon (spring's Astoria jumper is a gorgeous piece I reallly regret not picking up). Damn, in the Peach Pit Justice League, this stuff would've served as my costume. What a total "Big Yellow Taxi" moment.

Such a shame that such a great brand had to be taken in its prime.

Back when I ordered from Rachel, she was instantly friendly (we both love to write-- she occasionally contributes to Nylon, last article I remember being June/July 2007's article on Duffy), and the whole process of getting everything was so easy. Buying their dresses from places like Barney's or Satine was incomparable to the awesomeness, really. I sent my money to her in a pretty little envelope I decorated.
Once I got my dress, I was excited like a kid on Christmas morning-- not to mention the tissue in the envelope had Little Mermaid stickers and said "Mooka Kinney ♥'s Sarah!" (It's hung up on my wall. It was a happy moment.) I was so ecstatic that I immediately got to Photoshop to make a little "thank you" card/response.
*Sigh*, and genuine will the message be forevz. Always. And my pretty little swan dress will be one I'll want to continue jumping around in until I can't pull it off anymore.
I seriously wish these girls the best. Through great design and overall awesomeness, they have shown me love.

Peek the final Mooka Kinney collection's lookbook here. Feel free to pour one out.


Valentina said...

That dress looks for reals adorable! I'm way jealous, I want a Mooka Kinney dress like that. Sigh, I hate my clothes.


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