Saturday, August 9, 2008

2008: A Year to Be Alive!

I was watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics and I couldn't help but think how much change was required for one event. Really. It's a little awe-inspiring. If you've been paying attention to the news over the past few years, you know that even an inkling of all this change is huge. This is a country notorious for heavy pollution, a strict Communist government and a rough past. These people worked their asses off for one event that will last for two weeks. And come on! Did you see that ceremony?! That was two-thousand eight drummers! Coordinated! How much work did that take? China is going to be changed forever because of this one event-- and for the better. They've ushered in a new era because of ONE thing. One thing!
And of course, 2008 is also going to be the year of the most important election of my life-- not just because I'll be freshly legal once the booths have opened. Of course, you know that this is the closest our country has ever come to putting a woman or a black man in the White House, and I'm so proud that I'll be able to get involved. I'm very lucky-- a lot of my friends won't get to vote.
Can you imagine what it would be like if Obama won? Wow. I can't even picture it, but I know that our country would truly, for the first time in so long, gain a vast amount of support around the globe and help to set a golden standard. I was in Paris when it was announced that Hillary was no longer in the running, and the whole city felt aflame with positive energy. I know because I could understand the headlines, and a man working at the Eiffel Tower approached us with excitement when he heard we were American, telling us how much he supported Obama.
But then again, what would happen if he won? I have no idea. Do you? Wow. And if he doesn't win? People are so stir-crazy for this man that I imagine '70s-style street lobbying or something.

Does all this not seem a little ridiculous to you?
I can't even explain how important this year feels.It feels like so much positivity is floating around. I wish more people would see it. This year has the potential to improve so much around the world. This year will determine the future for so many countries, not only that, but it is a year that will make history. I'm positive.
I wish everyone felt the way I did. I wish everyone felt like they really wanted to give the world a run for its money-- because this is exactly how I feel. The world is changing, and I'm ready to be a part of it. I'm so glad to be alive in this important year.
I hope you all are, too.
Y Lolita Hazed

P.S. Kids, if you didn't watch the opening ceremony last night, wow. Just... wow. You missed a hell of a show. Mind-blowing. I cried. Twice.



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