Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Watch This Now: Sunshine (2007)

I rarely have time to go to the movies. No matter how badly I want to see something, I somehow just don't go very frequently. Last summer, when Danny Boyle's sci-fi opus Sunshine came out, I was very much interested in seeing it, but I couldn't really find it in me to go.

This is a movie where I should've known that decisions like that are regrettable. When I sat down in broad daylight to watch the Cinemax broadcast of this, captivation was immediate, and I began to curse myself for lacking the foresight to see this theatres.

For those unaware of Sunshine's premise (most of you, probably-- it wasn't hugely advertised), eight astronauts aboard the aptly-named Icarus II are sent to reignite the dying sun with a bomb after the first mission fails. This journey, however, cannot-- the sun doesn't have much time, and these specialists are the galaxy's last hope. Throughout the journey, the crew is met with several painstaking challenges that could threaten their mission, and they are forced to overcome them in a thrilling race against time.

This whole movie was questionably underrated and, if nothing else, I think Danny Boyle deserves some serious love for his chameleon status. The man is never afraid to explore genres-- whatever ground he can use, he stakes immediately, and that's unbelieveably admirable in an artist. He doesn't just have the potential to excel in one area. He could take them all.
And WOW, instant inspiration. This film left me in a state of wonder that has resonated since I saw it. If you can't tell from the above screenshot, this is cinematography that really shouldn't be missed. There's an unmistakable vibrance in greens, cold blues and sharp whites, as well as the manditorily piercing warm tones, making it more than a space-age thriller. As much science as this movie requires, it would be just as intelligent without the equations and formulas-- the spiritual and psychological backstories help to provoke question within yourself and the people around you. The storyboarding was pitch perfect, not to mention the unforgettable score done by Boyle staples John Murphy and Underworld, which makes this all the resonant piece it is.

If you come across the opportunity, please watch this movie. I think you'll be glad you did. (Showing on Cinemax throughout the month)

Download: John Murphy & Underworld "The Surface of the Sun" [Courtesy of The Playlist, to whom I'll never hesitate to give love]*

*If you guys ever want me to upload a certain song after its expiration, don't hesitate to ask me. I really don't mind, and I'm here for you guys. Sharing what I love is the least I can do!


Valentina said...

Now I must see this, sounds interesting! I remember reading reviews way back when it was released and than I just kind of forgot about it. Cinemax, here I come...

lolitahazed said...

Definitely don't miss it! It's really, really wonderful.


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