Friday, August 1, 2008

Sitting in Movie Limbo: "Choke"

When I was a kid, I read this book about a king who hated August because its lack of an important holiday. In a year of excitement, it seemed like a weird kind of limbo. And truth be told, that's what August pretty much is, especially movie-wise. As the bombacity of summer blockbusters dies down and Hollywood prepares for Oscar season, poor August just kinda chills there, so it's good to forget about that and focus on the more exciting things in the silver screen's future.

God knows I love me a good sex movie-- not the wild sex romp comedies, but the thinking man's sex movie (i.e. Y Tu Mama Tambien, The Dreamers, etc.)-- I find there's something so resonant about a movie that gets juices flowing above and below the belt. Because of this, Choke might prove to be this year's great sex movie.
I have a really good history with Chuck Palahniuk. I mean, come on, thanks to Invisible Monsters, I know I want to make writing a part of my lifetime career, so I'm always gonna hold a pretty bright torch for him. He's developed a great style that's all his own, thus achieving the dream status of writers everywhere: always imitated, never duplicated. He's a very special writer, and I've heard that this movie is going to be great, so I'm excited, even if Choke was one the books of his that I never read. The cast looks great (God, I love Kelly MacDonald) and you damn well couldn't say this movie's gotten a bad rap.
I can already tell this movie's going to be very sexy. If you don't believe me, watch the red band trailer here.
By the way, is anyone else totally loving the choice of music (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's "Satan Said Dance)? It's so fun and dangerous, and something about it is really hot. From what I can tell, it totally fits. Damn, at this rate, I might have to read this book fast in the next month...
Considering my past with Chuck, I'm sure it won't disappoint.

Choke comes out September 26.
Download: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah "Satan Said Dance"

P.S. I'm a dumbass. Tonight I learned that NSFW is "not safe for work" and not "no such fucking way", like I previously thought. Woo, do I feel dumb! Did anyone else think that, or am I the only one?


Erika said...

Awww, hahaha, that's okay. I had to learn what NSFW meant from Slut Machine's blog. Don't worry about it. This movie sounds amazing, very smartly sexy. I love those kinds of movies too. I'm glad something decent is coming out in theatres, it'll be better than Stepbrothers and yet another Mummy movie!

alex said...

my birthday is in august! totally a national holiday, zuhh.

lolitahazed said...

Okay, WTF with Rachel Weisz not even being in the new Mummy movie? That's pointless! And it shouldn't count, because it's somewhere in Asia and not Egypt. That so doesn't count!
I'm really excited for Choke. Seriously, I have to read the book soon! Has anyone?

@ Alex: I never really got that book anyway, because my birth-month, September, doesn't really have a holiday either, but they mentioned one that I'll never remember. It was probably like Grandparents' Day or Labor Day or holidays people just really don't remember. So I've got kind of a limbo month, too!
But happy upcoming birthday! August seems to be a popular month for Peach Pit birthdays.


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