Monday, July 28, 2008

Rant: Anna Faris Needs to Be Taught a Lesson in Feminism

So I'm all chillin' on my couch, trying to watch some South Park and every few minutes I'm interrupted by the trailer for Anna Faris' new movie, The House Bunny. I have to turn the volume down every single time it comes on because it pisses me off so much. There is so much undeniable idiocy in it that I can't stand to look at it.

I am, with no doubt at all, a severe feminist, and like Erika also ranted not too long ago, I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting your gender to be respected. I think today's perspectives of sexuality are so off that it's not even funny.
For example, we're in a period of sexual liberation, sort of. Sex is more highly tolerated these days, but because of that, 1 in every 4 teenage girls has an STD, and women are losing respect for themselves just so they will be provided with an illusion of acceptance. And not only that-- I can't stand the conception that if you lose your virginity at even 19 or so, you're a prude. Why you can't YOU be in control of what you are? I think you've got much more steez if you're respecting your body and staying in control of who comes in contact with it. There's been a syphilis outbreak in my town, and the major recipients of it have been thirteen-year-old girls. To me, that's disgusting.
I can't stand how the premise of this movie is to turn a crop of smart, beautiful girls who are fine just the way they are. Don't get me wrong, I love being a girl and God knows it's fun to let a little loose, but even some prostitutes have more class than this. I don't even know how to explain how infuriating the entire idea of this movie is to me, and I think every confident woman should be offended. It will give viewers the wrong idea-- when people are bitchy to you, you are not the problem. It is obviously them. Let them be douchebags. You can just be you, no self-exploitation required.

Am I the only one who's totally outraged?


Valentina said...

I know girl. What the fuck is up with this movie? "How can we be so smart, but everybody thinks we're losers"?? So you really care about what those stupid assholes who make fun of you for being intelligent think? You want to change yourself to fit in with those idiots? This makes me so crazy, like I can't even describe it. Did you read the Jezebel post about this today, it's basically talking about the exact same thing.

OMG that's crazy about the syphilis outbreak in your town. That shit is so messed up. I totally agree with you, why does being accepted have to involve becoming sexually active at such a young age? I will lose my v-card when I feel ready to, thank you very much.

On the bright side, I totally wrote one of my college application essays on sexuality and gender roles, and got an awesome scholarship. So don't give up hope, just channel your anger into something productive.

lolitahazed said...

I can't stand this entire idea. We need to stop giving misogynists reasons to make fun of us, really. And aren't they going to Harvard in it? Kids are supposed to be smart there! I hope this crashes and burns at the box office. Such an unbelievably degrading concept.
Wow, really? A post on Jezebel?? Hooray! I'm not alone! Plus, I guess I'm freakishly coincidental. I just looked because I usually scan around there-- where is it?
Kids don't get sex these days. Not just that, but really, it sucks having all that pressure to have sex at a young age. Even 21, an age when you're considered a full-fledged adult, is old. I'm a virgin too, and I won't deny that I'm proud, because I've had several opportunities to slut it up that I've thrown out cold. People need to stop treating virginity like it's such a calamity! Aren't you supposed to be in charge of yourself? People need to remember that sex is a big deal and you can't just sleep with anyone, but casual sex is advertised to the point where it's become the norm. No wonder STD's are so common!
God, I could go on and on. Something is so, so wrong with modern perceptions of sex. I could write a book and fill it with my frustration. And you know, an essay's a really fantastic idea. I'm seriously gonna try and take that up-- thanks for the suggestion! Angry feminists need outlets.
I actually started reading about Pomona and it seems like a totally bomb school. If I go tour there, you've gotta let me shadow you!

Valentina said...

YES! OMG, you could like totally do an overnight with me if you want! My roommate wouldn't mind at all. Pomona is truly fantastic. I was accepted early decision, so by the time I visited I was really nervous that if I didn't like the school, I was totally screwed. No worries though, it was the best school I visited by far. You should def come and visit it and see for yourself.

The post on Jezebel was actually about this female writer who felt the need to change herself cause men didn't like her or whatever. It's very similar in tone to what you wrote. Wait, here's the link I read it and was like freaking out over the sheer idiocy of this woman. But the article is pretty priceless, as are the comments.

Sex is immensely screwed up in this day and age. I lived for the past three years in Arkansas, and was totally amazed by the fact that girls were getting pregnant at the age of 14 there. In my school in NY, that never happened. I was considered a anomaly in the student population cause I wasn't afraid to admit I was a virgin, yet I also wasn't a creepy "true love waits" Christian kid. Whatever, I was and am proud of myself for waiting, and I will continue to wait until I feel ready. Like my father always tells me, make sure you are in control of the situation.


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