Monday, July 21, 2008

*Bow now now now now* Jump on it, jump on it, jump on it, jump on it!

Hey kids! I've got my first guest-blogging stint at Do it at the Disco!
It'll be a real party, just like Norman's wedding reception (pictured above)-- except it probably didn't last seven days, so suck it, Norman!
I might not be posting on here as much as I normally do because of this-- but that isn't a promise. I'll probably still be around here, so expect twice the juice in one squeeze!

I'll be there starting today and up to the 27th.
C'mon children, and check it out!

Download: Switch "A Bit Patchy (M.I.A. Version)"


Erika said...

I love this song! I have the one Sir Mix A Lot did. Yay for being on the Disco, as I'm going to start calling it. You know what I'm going to do? I'm gonna head to all the hip places and start name-dropping it, like "Have you heard what's going on at the Disco?" or "Did you see her at the Disco?" or "The Disco's so hot right now," in that blase lilt hipsters use while barely clutching a cig. We'll all be so famous!

lolitahazed said...

YES! Yes! OMG! And it should be used in like super-fancy social circles too. Someone could be talking about global issues and you'd just be all, "Oh, I read all about that on the Disco!" And they'll look at you, really confused, and change the subject to opera or how they think the maid has stolen their fine china.

We need to recruit Valentina as a fine street teamer because she probably meets lots of easily-swayed hipsters in that cutting-edge city of hers.
We need a street team! The world must know!

Valentina said...

Ok, ok, I'll be another interal member of the Disco's street team! Silly NY hipsters stand no chance against my superior powers of persuasion. The Disco will be huge.

sorry I totes missed this convo before. But I'm back now!


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