Sunday, July 27, 2008

To-Do List: Ed Westwick

Hey, ladies! The Disco was fun, but it's good to be back. Howzit?

Okay, so I've always had this undeniable attraction to dirty boys. Dirty, disgusting boys if to whom you gave yourself, you'd feel horrible the morning after. Lotharios, you could say. I used to know a boy who would drive by and catcall me on the street. I would pretend to be offended when others were around, but I was totally victim to it. It's probably just my strong attraction to confidence, is all.
Ed Westwick is a prime example of a dirty boy. When I watched the Gossip Girl pilot and first saw him, I wasn't attracted at all. I thought he was the dude who was the bad guy from that silly Disney Channel movie Brink! (anyone else remember that?). The Playlist says he kinda looks like a pug and I believe it. But then the classic episode "Victor, Victrola" came around-- you know, when Blair did a sexy dance for him and let him take advantage of her-- and my perspective totally changed. And how hot was the morning after? "I've been playing the tape of you purring in my ear all night"? Rowr. I've had some pretty hot dreams about him whose steaminess has since been unparalleled. Mmmmm...
So the word is that Ed's kind of a douchebag (a word he apparently loves, which is cute) in real life, too, which I can totally see. I mean, come on, he told some guy at a New York bar that his kinda crappy band, The Filthy Youth, was better than most American ones (really, what kind of songwriter calls a track "Come Flash Us All Your Ladies"? I know kid's songs with better and more comprehensive titles). But nevertheless, I would totally hop on that, if only just once, and I'm excited for more Gossip Girl hotness. Apparently he hits on lots of NYC girls, which is more motivation for me to set up around there.

Confidence just gets me going.

What's the GG countdown so far? Oh yeah! Thirty-five days! Get ready!


Valentina said...

WHERE IS HE HANGING OUT IN NYC?? I want Ed Westwick to hit on me!!

One day they were filming GG down the street from where I live. I stood there for like 40 minutes hoping to see him. I'm such a loser.

lolitahazed said...

Dude, I don't know, but I hear this everywhere! I was all thinking, Does Valentina see him? Apparently he and Chace Crawford go to bars all around town really frequently. I want to get a fake ID and a plane ticket so I can hear that sexy British man whisper sweet nothings into my ear.

Valentina said...

I thought he was gay though? Like that's the word on the street. Oh silly English boys, being all sexually ambiguous and such.

OMG girl, speaking of boys I love, just got back from MGMT!! I'm now totally, hopelessly in love with Andrew. He's so freaking gorgeous. Better even than Chuck Bass.

Erika said...

Wait, whoa. I'm out of the loop like whoa. I don't watch Gossip Girl. But Ed Westwick looks kind of rape inclined to me. But because he's British, I would assume he's really a gentleman. Who probably stops hitting on girls and pinching their asses for a 5 o clock tea time.

lolitahazed said...

Erika! Start watching Gossip Girl! You'll never look back!
He probably is super gentlemanly, but doesn't let anyone know that. He's gotta keep up his reputation of being a douche.
OMG, there's this amazing set of pictures of Chace + Ed on Gawker with all these crazy captions. I'll find it and put a link in this comment. Ooh, found it! Go look:

Dude, I totally believe Andrew's better than Chuck Bass. And he's dirty, too! I mean, come on-- "Electric Feel"? "Indie Rokkers"? Sexy lyrics. Want them to be about me. OMG must-do.


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