Monday, July 14, 2008

I hate New York: A Lolita Hazed Rant

All right, so anyone who knows me knows that the title is a complete and total lie.
But here's what I do hate.

So if you're cool and also indigenous to New York, much my like my girl Valentina, you probably know that Central Park Summerstage is huge, and that next weekend, hipster hip-hop titans like Diplo, A-Trak and Plastic Little are hitting it up.
My other girl Erika was blogging about the Diplo show she hit last night and the comments? Enough to kill me. Why? Because everyone's all talking about the upcoming Summerstage concert...

...and my sister's going.
I want to smack her.

Yeah, yeah, so I did go to Europe without her. Big whoop. Meh meh. I'm still jealous.
But you know, I don't think we're even yet, though. She went to China for three weeks this fall. I've gotta find something to even the score!

Ratatat's coming to my fair city in September, so it might make me feel better about my life in music.
Anyways, I'm done now.
(This has been a Lolita Hazed Rant, stay tuned after these [nonexistent] messages.)


Erika said...
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Erika said...

OK, sorry, screwed up that last comment. Sorry girl, I definitely know how it feels when you can't hit the coolest shows and festivals. I'm so stoked to go to CA 'cos I'm hitting up Coachella and the Dim Mak show they put on every year downtown! But girl, here in ATL where there is little music <3, I feel you.

Valentina said...

Oh, don't even worry. Summerstage is acutally total hell on earth. It's always crazy crowded and insanely hot. Last time I went I got there like 2 hours early and I STILL was so far back that I could just barely see the stage. And than it rained cause outdoor venues suck. I wouldn't even go, but obvi I can't miss Santi and Diplo.

lolitahazed said...

Erika! Lucky! Coachella is like my dream since I was in eighth grade! Write all about it!
Outdoor venues DO suck, it's true. And yeah, NYC's a city of over 7 million and whatnot, and there are plenty of elbowy douchebags in musical crowds. But God, do I love that city. Crowds or no, so jealous!


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