Thursday, February 14, 2008

My faith in Kanye West is reassured.

I'd been worried about Kanye West for awhile. He'd really been losing his touch, becoming too insecure, having to reassure the public that he is, in fact, black (see the Spin with him and Daft Punk on the cover)... but it looks like Kanye's got his groove back.

The following video, "Flashing Lights", has received a lot of criticism from some fans because it's so different from anything he has done (meaning it took balls to take this step), but watch it and you'll see why this shows a lot, a lot of promise.

I used to like Kanye all right.
Now, I love him.

Mind-blowingly brill. Keep it up, Kanye.

Happy Valentine's Day!
(I know, what a way of preceding it, right?)



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