Saturday, April 5, 2008

Temperature's Rising: Deborah Marquit

Let's admit it: no matter how much we want to deny it, lingerie has become so tasteless. Companies are trying so hard to be sexy that they've gone to ridiculous amounts to do so. Ouverts? Keyholes in the backs of briefs? Overdone patterns? No thank you! What we really need is lingerie that is simply done, but with an extra-shocking detail that isn't too out there.

Deborah Marquit, whose lingerie I swooned over in the Spring 2008 Missbehave, has done such a thing. Her lingerie is in classic shapes, but with crazy awesome extras: one set is in vinyl, another, the most popular, is fluorescent and glows in a blacklight. This is where Marquit's stuff really kills it. It comes several ravey colors, like pink and yellow (shown), orange, lime and purple.
The lace has this super vintage look, so you can end up looking like Marilyn Monroe and Barbarella's test tube baby. This stuff is shocking and grabs attention, when deep down it is just like classic lingerie you know and are comfortable with.
The fluorescent set comes in the bare necessities: underwire bras (shown at left), string bikinis, garter belts, thongs, strapless bras (shown at right), underwire demi-cup bras, bikini briefs (shown at right) and boy briefs (shown at left). No weird attempts at being overly shocking.
This stuff is unbelieveable. It's simple, but hella flashy in just the right way. I'm totes smitten.
Be forewarned! Cop it so you have something to really be proud of. Everyone knows it's what underneath that counts.
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