Monday, June 23, 2008

Boredom Combat:

Broken English is, without a doubt, one of the most undeniably cute phenomena Asia has ever spawned. Unfortunately, thanks to the imminence of Beijing's 2008 Olympics, revisions are being made all over the city to make signs and such more legible. How will us easily amused Anglophones entertain ourselves now?
Well, we've been given another reason to love the internet. Enter, a mecca of poor translations, ironic misconceptions and bad grammar.

The whole thing kept me entertained for a whole night. I pretty much didn't leave my chair, and sounded ridiculous, what with the innocuous laughter straining from room and such.
The entire website is a knee-slapper, but I highly recommend looking through the "Clothing" category-- gems I found included, but were not limited to, a young Asian boy with a cap reading "Senior Citizen: Doing the Best With What I Have Left", a baseball team by the name of "Bastards", an adorable little girl in a marijuana-leaf jacket, and a no-nonsense t-shirt made by none other than "FAMOUSCRAP".

What you waiting for? Stop making sense: head over to



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