Friday, December 21, 2007

Lolita Hazed's 2007 Hot List

10 hot items from '07

1. Lily Allen. Chick's been criticized all over the block, but God, is she a breath of fresh air. I dig her so much. Her debut album was splendid and I'm stoked for next, which is supposed to come out before her baby is due. (How about that, anyway? Kids these days.)
2. Mooka Kinney. Alison Lewis & Rachel Antonoff are total sweethearts. Their creations were also seen all over this year on the bods of supermodels, Zooey Deschanel, Scarlett Johannson (sp?), and certainly more to come. (I'm wearing their swan dress in my profile picture!)
3. Nu rave. It's dumb now, of course, but that shit was hot while it lasted. Here's hoping that next time, it actually IS stuff to rave to. Klaxons are kick-ass, but they're nothing to get the glowsticks out to, save for "Atlantis to Interzone".
4. CSS. First gaining attention while touring with the Klaxons, these kids got a lot of well-deserved attention this year. These kids from Sao Paulo are certainly repping it to the fullest! (Chances are you heard them in the iPod Touch commercial.)
5. Mark Ronson. Even hotter than the lady at #1 was the man behind her-- Mssr Mark Ronson, the man responsible for the popularity of both the notorious Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen. Those hot horn-driven beats? All Mr. Ronson.
6. Judd Apatow. God, is there ANYWHERE this guy wasn't this year? Dude was fucking everywhere. I'm not saying it bugged me-- quite contrary. Knocked Up was exactly what comedy needed: a healthy dose of realism. We'll be seeing a lot of this wunderkind in years to come.
7. Ed Banger Records. The company's been around for awhile, but 2007 is the highest they've ever come. The much-awaited release of Justice's debut, †, was a milestone for the previously tiny little record company that is now covering all of Paris.
8. Claw Money. You may not have heard of this lady in past years, but in 2007, the badass femme graffiti artist started to make her way into today's street-artist elite. With her hella sweet (and highly-coveted) Nike-collab kicks (Blazers, Vandals), she also started to make her way onto the bodies of the famous (M.I.A., Mena Suvari, Lil' Mama are some).
9. Bat for Lashes. Natasha Khan is nothing if not amazing. Fur and Gold was a breathtaking debut and Khan and her ladies have made a sure profession of weaving eerie fairy tales into music. I'm on pins and needles to see what they they have up their sleeve next year!
10. Josh Schwartz. This dude's everywhere, too. His debut TV series The OC might be over, but Schwartz didn't take that lying down-- he also popped out Gossip Girl and Chuck, which have both been getting mad rave reviews and are picked up for second seasons. Guy's getting love and he deserves it. Make way for the next Aaron Spelling, bitches.


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