Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Stopping Point: Celebrity Perfumes

If you're a celebrity with a lot of money to spare, what can you do on your free time? Gazing at yourself in the mirror has become too boring. No, you need a better way to prove your complete megalomania!

Presenting the most annoying concept ever: the celebrity perfume.

After J.Lo decided to go crazy with perfume-making, celebrities were reminded that they, too, can make perfumes. So since then, we've had to endure our trial of perfumes endorsed by (coincidentally?) the most annoying celebrities ever: Sarah Jessica Parker, Maria Sharapova, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Antonio Banderas, P. Diddy (with the hilariously-titled "Unforgivable"), Alan Cumming (no, I don't get it, either)... it's a travesty to see how many people think the public would want to pay to smell like them.

But recently, a glimmer of hope shone from the wreckage. Those who see it may take it as a curse, but it is truly a blessing: the recent addition to this awkward family is enough to make every self-promoting celebrity perfumer take a moment to stop in their tracks.

I give you Driven, by Derek Jeter (exclusively at Avon!).

Derek Jeter's choice to spend his time and money on a perfume that will not sell should prove him to the willing scapegoat of the celebrity-endorsed perfume industry.

Unless, of course, he's totally serious.

(In spite of it of all, Merry Christmas from Lolita Hazed ^_^)


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