Thursday, December 13, 2007

Love Letter: Missbehave

Dearest Missbehave,

When Nylon stopped being genuine and started shooting for an anorexic club-hopper audience, my heart sank. I thought I'd never love again.
Until there was you.
You came into my life, and became the first magazine I've ever read cover-to-cover. Your badassed fearlessness was enough to just break my lil' heart. And what with the coolest cover chicks ever? Lily Allen? Mena Suvari? M.I.A.? Amazing. Beautiful covers every time. But Missbehave, you've taught me that sometimes what's inside is as good, if not better than, the outside.
You've taken articles teen magazines would have, but polished 'em up and made them awesome so we can read them. Trap a boyfriend? Stick it to your ex? I love you for that.
You've kept me entertained during the most boring of school days and were there on stormy days where all I had was you and a warm fire.
You're so fun and unafraid. God, do you rep it. (Ever since Issue #4 came out, I've started collecting you. All I need now is #1 and #3.)
Love you to pieces and pieces. Saw the picture of the upcoming Issue #6 with Lydia Hearst on the cover. Hella eye-candy. Must have it right now.

Y from a hypnotized devotee



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