Thursday, January 24, 2008

be your own PET "Get Awkward" Preview on MySpace!

I can barely contain myself, I'm so excited to be saying this.

Kickass Tennessee punk band be your own PET is releasing their sophomore album this spring, as you might've known... and there's a preview on MySpace! Tracklisting, album art, four full-length tracks and everything!!

Get Awkward Tracklisting:
1. Super Soaked*
2. Black Hole*
3. Heart Throb
4. Becky
5. The Kelly Affair*
6. Twisted Nerve
7. Blow Yr Mind
8. Bummer Time
9. Bitches Leave
10. You're a Waste
11. Food Fight!*
12. Zombie Graveyard Party!
13. What's Your Damage?
14. Creepy Crawl
15. The Beast Within
*full-length track available for preview on MySpace
This new shit is AWESOME.
From how it looks, this album'll be HOT.
"Super Soaked" is Toys 'R' Us kid anthem, and a killer opener. "Black Hole" is a relatable anthem of living in a city with nothing to do, and my favorite. "Food Fight" is a CAFETERIA FOOD FIGHT GONE PUNK. SO BADASS. The reason why I love this band. "The Kelly Affair" is about one of my favorite movies, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. But why listen to me?



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