Friday, January 4, 2008

Tough Love: Goldfrapp "A&E"

Happy New Year, kids! Here's some news for you.

When Goldfrapp announced the oh-so-soon release of their forth album, Seventh Tree, and posted eerie loops (hear one on their website) of its tracks, I had a feeling Felt Mountain fans around the world rejoiced. A second trippy nature album? Bring it on!

So I came home, excited to find a little present in my mail-- it said that Goldfrapp's new single "A&E" was going to be up on MySpace! I hurried, eager to hear the sounds of this wonderful news.
It starts out with a harp. Expected. But then, unexpectedly, Alison Goldfrapp starts to dish out cliched, saccharine lyrics. It sucks at first.
Then, once the chorus is reached, it really, really sucks. This is like new age Emmy Rossum shit. This is like bumper music for The Hills (watch them eat it up, they probably will). What the hell, guys?! Alison Goldfrapp & Will Gregory are usually totally geniuses, especially Gregory, master of beats. But what is this?! Even the mind-blowing vocals of Alison are suffering here.
It comes to me, a little late, that this is their worst single yet... which is very, very disappointing for how creative these two are.

Alison. Greg. You shouldn't be stooping to this horrid, poppy crap.

It'll probably be really popular. Who knows?
Hear it for yourself and be the judge.

The other news was that the album working for their forthcoming album, Seventh Tree, would be revealed. I was very excited-- the album covers usually are perfect reps for the sound: with Felt Mountain's trippy ambience, Black Cherry's futuristic sexuality, (the best cover so far) Supernature's glamorous mystique... this one'll have to be interesting.
So I click on the link to see it, and find this:

A fellow blog reader's comment summarizes my feelings:

"That's IT?"

Their covers are usually such artistic beauties that look like they took a lot of work! This just looks they took a picture of Alison (who does look very lovely, I add) and just chose a font for "Seventh Tree" and added their logo in the same colour.
I love Goldfrapp. A lot. I really, really love them and I think they're amazing.

But really... what is THIS?
I really hope that the album isn't as disappointing as its cover... not to mention its first single.
Guys! I love you! You can do so much better!

I do it because I care.
Y, Lolita Hazed


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