Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The WTF: No. 5-- The Slow Death of the Bar

Where's the ruffinest, tuffinest place you can think of?
A bar, of course! For decades, people all over the world have been hitting bars and pubs alike to be able to find the freedom to drink, smoke, curse, and act like a total idiot in public... until now. In recent years, one of the four rights previously mentioned seem to be dying (and of course, the very last one has limits).
Smoking was recently removed from indoors at bars, a single blow to the gritty body of the bar, and not only in America-- the UK also banned it a few summers ago (and if you can't smoke indoors in the UK, where can you?), provoking the creation of a seven-minute short film called The End of an Era.
They're obviously not stopping here.

The ingredients of a bar brawl have to involve both of the following: lots of alcohol and drunken swears. How can you drink like a man if you can't swear? Ask the city of St. Louis, who is proposing a bill to ban swearing in bars.

MSNBC has their word here.

(Not only) To spite the could-be creation of this bill, I say... what the fuck?


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