Friday, March 14, 2008


Okay, so this morning I was just chillin' in art class when my teacher was sitting at his computer and starts talking about this gnome. He shows us THIS video from British news source The Sun.
These kids in Argentina are just chilling when they hear something from afar. This kid has a camera, so he turns it and...

A sideways-walkin' small man, complete with pointy cap and a hint of a beard? Totally a gnome. We spent a helluva long time debating this.

What would you do if you saw it?
"I'd freak out at first," my friend Liz said. "But then I'd try to catch it! It's walking sideways, I don't think it would be going that fast!"

Lohdy. I could watch this like five hundred times in a row. I love this tiny creature.
If it is a gnome, ponder this: is it here for good, or evil? "With those things, you never gnow!"




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