Saturday, March 22, 2008

Temperature's Rising: Andrea Crews

Heat is accumulating in parts all over the northern hemisphere, but not just in temperature...

Of the sects currently gaining heat, Andrea Crews is one of the hottest. I've been watching them for over a year. I swear, it's like sitting on a radiator, and with the impending need for more things eco-friendly, it might be what the fashion industry is looking for.

Okay, so Andrea Crews is a badass collective of French people who take stuff that you'd never dream of liking or using and then making it totally candy-colored and club-friendly, and this stuff is intense-- you've got them turning crappy purses into hats, making running jackets into hella tight bodysuits, metal springs into scarves... it doesn't end. It's very inspired, not to mention amazingly inspiring.

Just so you know, I despise look at the Andrea Crews website. Why? Because, Goddammit, I want everything on there. It's painful to look at, it's all so badass. But keep in mind Andrea Crews is not just there for you to buy from: it's also a great reminder of the potential any object can possess, if you give it a chance. This is stuff you could do yourselves! AC just beat you to it, is all.

But if you DO like something and want it, you'd probably better get your hands on it quick. These pieces are super-unique and there's bound to be a small stock of certain objects.

In the runways of eco-friendly fashion, Andrea Crews needs to be a front-runner. Bono's wife can step back, and that family needs an ego deflation anyway.

Andrea Crews also designs for the likes of Katerine, a super-de-duper esoteric French techno group that sings songs about ejaculating onto the hair of older relatives, and M.I.A. (seen wearing a bow of theirs in a winter issue of French mag Jalouse).
Then, why don't you buy it?



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