Thursday, March 13, 2008

I love Lily Allen.

In fact, I forgot how I much I do before tonight. I remembered how excited I am for her album that'll be out this year, so I went to her website and found a really quite amazing article from the UK Marie-Claire's February issue.
Ugh, I love this woman. Lily Allen knows her shit, there is no doubt about it. And the best part is that for all the people out there who criticize her, she gives less and less of a damn by the day.
I think that people forget that by entering the limelight, their humanity doesn't change. No matter how many people know your name, you are still just a human, not a relic or talisman or anything. Celebrities shouldn't try to censor themselves just to keep their images pure. It almost feels like a lie. Being human is so much more powerful. So what if Lily likes to drink in the day? I don't care. Bitch is human. She can do what she wants. She doesn't have to try and please the people by falsely manipulating her public image under a persona that the media has turned her into-- she just lives the way she wants. That takes a lot of guts.

Oh, and who else thinks this album's going to be amazing? Dude, I want a preview. Now.
I love this woman. Can't even describe how much.

Read the article in snippets.
Lily Allen: Marie-Claire UK 1
Lily Allen: Marie-Claire UK 2
Lily Allen: Marie-Claire UK 3

Badass badass BADASS. God, this chick is not afraid.
Want even more of this article? Go to and click on "Who is Lily?" for some other awesome articles that will get you even more excited!



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