Saturday, February 7, 2009

Girls on Film: Cherry Darling (Planet Terror)

It's damn hard to feel sexy when you're walking around with a useless dead thing of a limb. I should know-- I'm bedridden from taking a nasty spill last afternoon! So who else to brighten my mood with some serious asskicking than the fabulous Cherry Darling, whose former paramour replaced her dead leg with a machine gun?
Really, there's nothing I could say about this badass bitch that hasn't already been said. Disillusioned with her job as a go-go dancer, she decides to quit and pursue a career in comedy-- eventually providing one of the movie's great jokes when she loses her leg. "I was gonna be a stand-up comedian!" she says in tears. After all, she couldn't very well be a sit-down comedian, now, could she? This girl has so much spunk, she immediately regains confidence after her hospitalization. She treks outta there with no more than a wooden leg, later to become the weapon of choice for her ex-boyfriend, master gunman El Wray. She even manages to get some hot ex-sex pre-gun leg!
And of course, it was never the gun that made Cherry Darling so irresistible-- chick's already got all the ammo she'll ever need. Proof here:

Cherry, darling, I want to be just like you.


Gabrielle Greenberg said...

ohh baby you FELL?!

Lolita Hazed said...

Yyuuuuuppp :-(

Allie and Byron were frolicking in the park all day with kites and I wasn't invited. Nooooo fair!


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