Friday, February 13, 2009

More Love, Please: Viva K

Four years ago I fell in love with the awe-inspiring Silverlake quartet Viva K, a band united by the discovery of a sitar which may or may not have belonged to the late Brian Jones. I stumble upon their music on shuffle and I forget how unbelievably underrated their music is. They released their first and only album so far, self-titled, in 2005 on a relatively unknown label called Stinky Records. The album was launched to quiet acclaim and has delved in obscurity, appreciated by too few. However, it gave us some seriously amazing songs like "No Better Time", "Dekoder" and "Does It Matter?" (video above) that continue to blow my mind to this day. Singer Ween Callas kicks so much ass and brings to mind classically awesome ladies like Siouxsie Sioux and Justine Frischmann. Please check this band out! I would love to see them come out and truly flourish.

Bump this, buy the CD, and thank me later.
Download: Viva K "No Better Time"



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