Thursday, July 12, 2007

The WTF: No. 1

There is some really crazy stuff on the Internet, but would you know these things if it weren't for me?


But I'm still here, just in case...

Hey all you stoners! Tired of just smoking pot? Wanna do more with your experience?
I give you THC: The Game. What is it? Well, basically, it is the premiere game where you get high and embarrass yourself in front of all your friends-- hey, just like Saturday night! I think I've played this game before! This game is very seemingly quite key for a lot of stoners, considering it will keep them from leaving the house and embarrassing themselves in public.
So is there a special pothead in your life who needs something interesting do when he is frying his brain? It's at Urban Outfitters for $9.99, if you really want it, but before you get it, ask yourself...
What the fuck?!
You have probably spent late nights watching TV, happening to catch a tiny bit of porn, and think to yourself... what is the appeal? You, of course, need something better. You need Porn for Women, which is 96 colors pages of men... doing chores, and saying super-hot phrases such as "I love what you've done with your hair." Oooh, yeah! I'm sure that once you stumble upon this in your bookstore, if you flip through this, you really won't be thinking, "Oh, God, this is so hot!" You will most likely be thinking this:
"What the fuck?!"
Think you've been confused enough?
I give you this to ponder upon:


Pinky said...

Ohhh my godd!! this is soo hilariuos, I couldn't stop laughing!! Thanks for stoping by and write the comment, I really appreciate that :):)

Be safe!!

Pinky said...

One of the unicorns has the voice of Fez from The 70's Show, LOL.

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