Sunday, January 25, 2009

Albums I'm hella excited for in 2009

God, it's going to be a GOOD year for music, let me tell you that. Expect this to be updated throughout the year!

Amanda Blank, I Love You
Annie, Don't Stop
Asobi Seksu, Hush
Bat for Lashes, Two Suns
The Big Pink, A Brief History of Love
Black Lips, 200 Million Thousand
Florence & The Machine, Lungs
Grizzly Bear, Veckatimest
Kid Sister, Ultraviolet
Lily Allen;
It's Not Me, It's You
PJ Harvey & John Parish, A Woman a Man Walked By
Yeah Yeah Yeahs,
It's Blitz!


Erika said...

I'm so stoked for Lily and Asobi Seksu! I downloaded one of the songs on "Hush" and it's gorgeous. I wanna be excited about the new Black Lips album but I heard the song "Starting Over" and it's like they went back to their old sound quality. Good Bad Not Evil was raw, but it had a more produced sound...this sounds like Let It Bloom, y'know, the really old stuff. I'm still gonna buy it though...good things always happen to me when I buy Black Lips albums! Me and V are seeing them in May!

Lolita Hazed said...

Noooooooooooo fair. Want come.

Lolita Hazed said...

Also, I really liked Let it Bloom.

Erika said...

Me too, but Good Bad Not Evil was sooo good. It was so polished, but unpretentious. But 200 Million Thousand sounds...okay I guess. I just thought their sound was evolving. I was just hopeful. But I'll like it anyway, because Black Lips rule.


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