Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Agent Provocateur collection drops!

If there's anything that is guaranteed to catch my attention in terms of complete and total adoration, it is the following: Greek mythology and Agent Provocateur. WHAT DO YOU KNOW. Pan and the Vestry of Virgins collection, the 2008/09 range I've most anticipated, is out TODAY! Peep it with me and fall in love.I wasn't crazy for Angharad when I saw it first in last winter's "Lady of the Manor" collection, but this is GORGEOUS. White eyelet with peachy satin bows? Virginal indeed!Natalia is like Jesse from last year but WAY prettier. *Sigh*, this looks like wearing a violet underneath your clothes.

This is Nicola. I SWOON. Oh my God, that floral print? DIE. That red edging with the red stockings is just so painfully gorgeous. I NEED IT.

What are you waiting for? FREAK OUT here!


Valentina said...

I want. It. Now. If only I had the money or the need for expensive and gorgeous lingerie.

Erika said...

GIM. ME. I want the lavender set so bad I can feel it.

Lolita Hazed said...

Gurl, I'm allllll about Nicola.
Seriously. I DIE.

This also gets me way overly excited for the fourth surprise collection.


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