Saturday, January 31, 2009

False Advertising

I have been looking ALL OVER for a mascara that doesn't smudge. So when I heard that Bourjois had a new one supposedly made for that exact problem, I was definitely interested. I finally bought it last night (for $10, y'all!) and, upon application, was instantly wowed (I don't throw that word around) by how much they made my eyes pop! I felt like Twiggy or something. Instant doe-eyed effect.
However, it smudged an hour or so later. Maybe I'll end up trying the Clinique mascara that RiotBecki from The Pipettes swears so heavily on. Worth it-- but, y'know, advertised wrong.
Or, y'know, maybe I just suck at putting mascara on.

Get this jazz right here or, hey, maybe somewhere else, it's your life.


Erika said...

It smudged? I hate that! I rarely wear mascara unless it's a special occasion, but I hate when that happens and you look like you've had a really long night and makes you look really messy. Good luck with the Clinique one! I bet that one doesn't smudge. Riotbecki probably sweats a lot on stage so she would know.


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