Sunday, January 11, 2009

Can you keep a secret?

Just when you thought the Karmaloop winter sale madness was over-- it's NOT. But of course, they kept it a very close-guarded secret... if you use the one-time code GOODS09 from now until February, you get 50% off!! Here's what I'd hit up, what with the limited dough I have remaining:I am way more Biggie than Tupac. However, Cubannie Links's Tupac Rosary is SO Lily Allen that I'm not sure I can resist! Crossing my fingers that the stupidly hot Tupac earrings will be back in stock soon!
Real Price: $30
With Code: $15

I am not allowed to wear this MOB shirt to school, and I can not find it in me to care. In other news, who can get over how hot that model is? I can't.
Real Price: $35
With Code: $17.50
This Steven Shein necklace was in Missbehave last fall and I still want it. It's so adorably tiny on the model, and I was smitten upon sight.
Real Price: $24
With Code: $12

Um, thank GOD for Karmaloop, right? Hit it up here, and don't forget to use GOODS09 at checkout!

Y Your friendly neighborhood Lolita


Erika said...

UM. WHOAMYGOD. That is awesome. Karmaloop saves lives. I want to work at the flagship store so so so bad! Imagine those kinds of discounts! The only place where you can wear a "Beating Bitches Daily" shirt to work!
I dieeee.

Lolita Hazed said...

I KNOW. Karmaloop = a superhero. I've never seen such a generous company in the entire history of retail!

OMG, I JUST got my first MOB shirt and I'm... absolutely speechless. I'm actually going to write an entry about how smitten I am. Did you get yours yet? Um, aren't you in love?!?

Erika said...

Yeah I got the white shirt with the blue Married To The Mob logo and it is teh awesomness!

There's this one rosary I want-the one with the burgundy beads-that I'm totally going to take when they get more of them on the site.

Lolita Hazed said...

Rosaries are so hot, I've always thought so. I'm actually considering the Tupac, it's SO. HOT. I just wish it were a bit shorter so looked more like a real one, you know?

I want the Obey Body Rocking hoodie SO BAD but can't afford it. Fer shame!

MACK said...

ahhhhh i just got a bunch of stuff i ordered from forever 21 and i'm about to go at it on karmaloop. i have a serious problem.

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