Friday, January 2, 2009



I was having my doubts, but if the whole season is this good, then WOW. Bring this shit ON.


Valentina said...

OH THANK GOD!!!! This looks so so good, although you of all people will know that I'll be missing my dearest Cassie pretty intensely. But Effy is rad, and her outfit looks pretty cute in the trailer.

I'm so glad to finally know someone who shares my Skins obsession!

Lolita Hazed said...

I'm still mourning Skins Cast 1. Hannah Murray is such an excellent actress, I can't wait for her to get out of uni so she can act again!

I totally wouldn't be obsessed if it weren't for you! For which, GAWD, I can't thank you enough. How the hell are we going to watch this? We've got to work something out! I'm so glad there's an internet for this.

Valentina said...

Truly, i'm a little scared that I won't like the new cast as much as the original. Like how can they create such memorable and ultimately lovable characters again?

haha, you're welcome! Skins is one of my creepy obsessions that I desperately try to spread to everyone. God, we totally need to figure out some way to watch this. And than skype about it.

Lolita Hazed said...

YES! Please!! Recaps!!

Erika said...

Wait, wait, can we seriously discuss the last few episodes of Skins? When Cassie got really crazy? And Jal got preggers? And Sid was depressed? WTF was up with Cassie then? She was like ruining everything, from Chris's life to Sid's got to the point where I went "grrrr" everytime she was on the screen.

Lolita Hazed said...

Yes! Yes! Please!
I, for one, SERIOUSLY adore psycho-Cassie. She's so wonderfully twisted in those episodes (best line: "Tell [Sid] I'm going to Dick City... and I'm loving it" which sounds so strangely innocent coming from her). Sid is a large portion of her madness, but there will be another reason why that will be revealed soon. I love the episode you're talking about. Chris + Jal = swoonfest. The Tony episode right after that is my favorite for the um, GASMIC sex scene. SO. HOT. I need Nicholas Hoult in my lair stat.

When is our Skype chat? I MUST do SOME instant messaging of some sorts with you kids because I hate waiting for responses, you know?
I'm so fucking ready for this.

Valentina said...

Gah I so know what you mean, I totally identify with Cassie because of all of her crazy psycho-ness! Cassie goes especially loco in the last few episodes not just because of her depression over Sid, but because like she says she hates everything. Obvi if you look at her character from the beginning, she is far more troubled mentally than any of the other characters give her credit for. If I could channel 1/4 of the effort I use to analyze tv shows and other worthless things, I think my life would be a far less depressing affair.

AND YES OMG SKYPE CHAT PLZ! Lets organize this ish and fast! Pick a time, whenever is good for you gals can probs work for me.

Erika said...

Yay! We must SKYPE about Skins! I literally watched half the season in one day...there's so much to ask and tell!!!!! And Cassie only bugged me at the end because I felt like Sid and Chris were finally getting themselves together (Chris espesh with his brand new job and living with Jal and then Sid with suddenly getting together with Michelle-"let's have sex you made me come" wtf? What about Tony? He still has feelings even though he can't have sex or whatever...) but then Chris lets Cassie stay in that little house and she throws a party and gets him fired and tossed out! And then he gets super sick (did he overdose? they were just smoking pot) and Cassie won't tell Jal anything at the hospital...she just talks in cryptic words and metaphors...I just think Cassie is better off in NYC. I hope Sid finds her in the next season, even though it's not about him anymore.
Um. Yeah, we need to SKYPE. I have far too much to say.

Lolita Hazed said...

I could talk about Skins forever, I swear. The psychological parallels drawn in that show are just... wow. Especially Tony, he's such a mentally complex character. I was reading about how every book he reads correlates to what he does in the episode. It's almost like you learn something new every time you watch it!

Are we Skyping, or yahooing, or what? Cuz either way I'm down as a... clown. I'm free allll the live long day.


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